Big farm fairy tale

big farm fairy tale

Goodgame Studios BigFarm ( Fairy tale Time Event) PART 1. Darshan Karwande. Loading. Goodgame Studios BigFarm ( Fairy Tale Time Event) PART 1. Darshan Karwande. Loading. Goodgame Big Farm - Fairy tale event - Bug - event cancelled. Done. Comment. 12 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Uploaded on August 18.

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B download is necessary. Task sheets Which quest do I get on which level? A new decoration called Maiden of the waves have been introduced as reward for the Fairytale time event. Anmelden , um zu kommentieren. After winning the Imposing Fairy Tale Tower, if you place it on any of your farms and unlock it at the decoration collection tower, you will be able to choose your difficulty level during all future Fairy Tale Time events.

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Goodgame Studios BigFarm 6-4-2017 ( Fairy tale Time Event ) PART 2 They are indicated by a book showing in your left hand task bar Co-op sheets Research Starting Fees click Up to date! I found 1 in each chickencoop and 10 in each cow stable. Collect corn Plant corn seeds in your fields, then harvest corn at the end of the cycle. Leaves are collected at the end of the cycle along with the produce. I am no longer an active player, and all my farms have been deleted. Additionally, The events run Camping, fairytale then Asian All the info for all the events can be found in earlier posts and usually run every other week. Move the slider to donate as many eggs as you wish. Now there is the charity drive and this got me curious because it would cost well over Straw-brained or cabbage head? For comparison the old bakery values, the old restaurant values and the values for the flower shop have also been added in the tabs at the bottom. December 13, at But atlest we can change a few within the 6days Patty cake, patty cake! The spoilersheet for all events is kinda outdated, as far as I can see. To donate the eggs, click on the Event icon in the left task bar in your game and then click on the outstretched hand. Plant special cabbage seeds with premium humus the night before. Steps 4 and 6 are exchanged and the numbers for, i. Use special corn and cabbage seeds with premium humus. Appelbloesem - I update. Sign In Don't have an account? Swimming upstream Applesauce with humus!?

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